Friday, August 27, 2010

Rice, Noodles, and Soup

Forget Slim Fast, the South Beach Diet, or NutriSystem. If you want to eat well/less, come to Singapore where the food is cheap most likely going to consist rice, noodles, and soup. I kid you not, you can get a plate full of a little bit of chicken, some veggies, rice or noodles, and soup for S$2.10, which comes out to about $1.55 (S$ denotes the Singaporean dollar). I feel like I'm stealing from them, but I didn't tell them to make their prices so inexpensive.

It is funny how little I have spent on the essentials up to this point: food, water, and shelter. Housing at NUS is cheap, especially since I endure having the crappiest kind of room in PGP, the dreaded Type C with no air conditioning. The ceiling fan that comes with the room, has been on for 21 days straight. I'm typing this blog with a smaller plug-in fan directed right at me. I'm getting better adjusting to the humidity and somewhat high temperature levels, but it is still hard to go to class without breaking a sweat.

Classes are going, alright. Nothing drastic has changed regarding my approach to doing well in school. I don't miss lectures or discussions. I just hate that there is no homework to help your grade and that the classes are all reading intensive in boring textbooks the professors mandate we have. There is nothing more likely to put you to sleep than reading for "Mechanics of Materials," a tough subject as it is, while the author tries so hard to relate to college students and ends up missing the mark completely.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was going to Bintan this weekend but the IFG basketball team I am playing for now has games this weekend so I stayed back. We are playing at 3:00 P.M.; I'm hoping to get a lot of good basketball in against some of the best NUS has to offer. I was pretty bummed about not being able to go to Bintan, especially since I was a click away from making a ferry reservation to go and it looked amazing based on what I have read online. Maybe I will get the chance some other weekend.

Instead, tonight me and two other friends from UConn headed over to the synagogue in Singapore for some Shabbat dinner. It ended up being the best meal I have had in Singapore thus far. Sure it didn't come with a typical Singaporean price tag but it was worth the amount we paid. An unlimited supply of challah, brisket, chicken wings, Israeli salad, and a lot of alcoholic beverages. I met some of the members of the Jewish community in Singapore, apparently there are 1500 in the country, who would have known? What really got me was at the end the Rabbi met all of us and when he heard my last name he began raving how I should come back since it signifies some level of importance within the religion. It will probably happen since I said I would play in the synagogue's weekly basketball games and possibly play American football with them too. It ended up being a fun night even though the taxi driver couldn't get us to the club, La Maison, after we were done with dinner and schmoozing at around 11:30 P.M.

But, tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to some reading in the morning, midday basketball, and nighttime clubbing. More to come...

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