Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keep 'Em Coming

I've acquired this "I'm going to be here once mentality" over the last few weeks even though that is probably not going to the case. Subsequently, I have this idea in my head that if people want to go somewhere outside the country for the weekend that I can't turn down such offers. The more the better, I guess. My parents are too enthusiastic about me traveling to all these third world countries considering how safe they and I both feel when I'm in Singapore.

It still could very well be that this weekend I take on Bintan, Indonesia. Just an hour ferry ride away, it is a beach haven with an excellent nightlife that would fit the bill for a short vacation. The weekend after, I will trek to Tioman Island in Malaysia, heralded for having one of the best beaches in the world. Many exchange from NUS saw this island a few weeks ago when I first arrived and knew no one on campus. Fortunately, I am not the only one who didn't but now will get to experience this tropical paradise.

Finally, I just recently booked my flight to Thailand over the week long break NUS students get in the third week of September. The plan is to travel with a few friends and see the islands of Ko Phi Phi and Ko Pha Ngan. Ko Phi Phi apparently has some very nice beaches and has plenty of places to go snorkeling, kayaking, etc. Then we will make our way over to Ko Pha Ngan to the Full Moon Party that takes place a day before or after every full moon on this island. It will hopefully be a fun and relaxing week long vacation.

Yes, I still am spending a lot of time in Singapore during the week, however, I am trying to see as much of southeast Asia as possible. This makes it hard to turn down visiting all these exotic places throughout this part of the world that offer up beaches that Singapore only has on Sentosa Island but aren't as nice as in say Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Bali, you name it! By the way the photo on the right is from Sentosa Island last week at a place called Wave House. It was a pretty cool place and I had a good time except for the injury I suffered getting pushed into a two foot deep pool as if it were five feet.

What was unfortunate was seeing one of my friends get kicked out because he didn't have any identification that he was of age to drink. He is over 18 years old but just didn't have any ID on him, so I got him a drink once inside but then security saw what was going on and threw him out. I wanted to say something to the guard since it wasn't like we were trying to break the law, but I knew better since we were in Singapore and I am not looking to get kicked out over such a minor incident. I still feel somewhat guilty about the whole thing.

I'm in the middle of a relatively long day, so to speak. I already had a 9 A.M. tutorial (discussion) class then I have another tutorial at 1:00 P.M. (13:00 as they would say here) followed by a two hour lecture from 4-6 P.M. Later on it's ladies' night, which means it is time for everyone to converge once more the Clarke Quay bridge! Should be a good time, stay classy westerners. You stay classy too, fellow exchange students.

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