Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Present My Case

Let me just hit the ground running by saying this: I really want to go to China. By "really want to go" I mean I must go before returning to the states or I will feel like I have missed out on a big part of coming to southeast Asia. By "China" I mean, more specifically, the Great Wall of China. I have already expressed my desire to go to Beijing to numerous people in Singapore and let me assure you, I'm not just blowing smoke when I say this.

It is well known to myself as well as the people I have discussed this with that it is one of the more expensive trips you can make in this part of the world. Why? Well, China just has so many people that every flight can be made to be ridiculously expensive and overpriced. In addition, getting a visa to go to China as an American citizen is no bargain either. I have found ways of getting to Beijing for less than market value, but still are a little pricey.

I now turn our attention to judges that I will have to state my case in front of, mom and dad. Now I feel I have a pretty solid support points to convince them to let me embark on a once in a lifetime journey. The first point I will make is that I am saving them $1350 this semester by living in a room that doesn't have air-conditioning. The amount I am saving here is already significantly more than the total airfare and housing costs that would be incurred in a trip to Beijing.

Second, the whole purpose of me not getting a plane ticket home from Singapore was to give the most flexibility possible in traveling around the world while making my way home in some reasonable fashion. I will mention here that I will have 23 days between my last final at NUS and the time I should be home. This is because my family is going on vacation to Barcelona and Madrid at the end of December; from Asia to America to Europe then back home to America, all in a short timeframe.

Finally, the most important point of them all, I apologize in advance for the redundancy but I only repeat myself to stress the importance of seeing the Great Wall of China, is that it is the place I would like to see the most in Asia. As one of the seven wonders of the world in the Medieval Ages, it would be amazing to be able to marvel at such a structure in person.

So that's my pitch. Hopefully I am able to sway the parental unit in a favorable fashion. On a similar note, I have a few other trips in the works as we speak. One of which involves going to Tioman Island this weekend, I've already mentioned this a few times so I won't say anymore about that. I have been talking with people about going to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam at some point in October, more about that down the road.

I had another fun and exciting weekend that involved the Shabbat dinner at the synagogue (as mentioned in my last post), hanging out at the bridge, and hours upon hours of basketball in the scorching how Singaporean sun.

For a good laugh, I would check out this video I took here from a few Wednesdays ago at a restaurant in Clarke Quay:

I would fast forward to the 2:00 minute mark when some guy decides to get in on the action. I was offered to go up and dance with her, but as you will see, I think I made the right to choice to just stay seated and take it in. Enjoy.

Anyway, I think I've written enough here to make reading this post worthwhile. I had a long day at the ICA getting my student pass and then running back to NUS for a lab so I'm looking to relax for now and hit the courts later. Have a great first week of classes fellow Huskies! I'm very excited at the prospect of going out Saturday night and watching the UConn/Michigan game at 3:30 A.M.

For now, au revoir!

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