Friday, July 16, 2010

The Breakdown

For those of you keeping track at home, Singapore is 9487.74 miles from my hometown. In case anyone at school was wondering, I will be anywhere from 18 to 21 hours from UConn by plane, depending on if you are taking a direct flight.

In that time span, you could do the following:
- witness Joey Chestnut eat sixty eight hot dogs in ten minutes 108 times
- see 36 episodes of HBO's Entourage (that's season 1, 2, and 3 plus four more
episodes from season 4)
- watch the movie "Avatar" almost 7 times over
- work 2 eight hour shifts at work (with 2 two-hour long lunch breaks thrown in there)

The point being that getting to this country is no joke. Kind of ironic considering my application to do this study abroad program in Singapore seemed like when I applied in September.

I have always wanted to go abroad for one semester because of how inexpensive it is compared to vacationing outside the U.S., but also provide me with the opportunity to try something different from Storrs, CT (I will say that I've also heard its a damn good résumé booster).

I love Storrs: friends, classes (that's kind of a lie), student life, the smell of cow dung in the morning coming from the farm, etc. However, at the end of the day no matter who you ask, people will agree that once the cold and windy winters of northeast Connecticut come around, weekends get toned down quite a bit. I will also say I'm not going to miss having to drive to football games let alone take the hour long bus ride!

Tangent: For those of you at school who have heard this story please bear with me. I am taking the bus with a bunch of friends freshman year to the UConn football game. People are drinking in the back and what have you. One individual stands up in the last row facing towards the rear. The bus driver gets mad that someone is standing up since, literally, bus drivers look forward to getting to yell at those one or two people that do so on a daily basis. The kid doesn't comply. We then come to realize he was peeing in a Poland Spring water bottle. Fine. I don't care so much, the man's got to go so better there than anywhere else. Of course, he then fills up the water bottle and, subsequently, starts peeing on the floor. Then to make matters worse just drops the water bottle altogether. The urine goes all the way down the aisle of the bus. People are all scrunched in their seats with their feet up off the floor. The kid gets talked to from an officer when we arrive at the stadium but that's about it. For the sake of time, I won't even bother to talk about what happened on the way home from that game here. Maybe a future post possibility...

Anyway, as I sit here in my cubicle at work, I am able to soak in what all of this means to go so far from home. Sure we all have been to sleep-away camp for months at a time and many of us to college for a few semesters.

This is different, though. I never really cared much about having to go too far from home for college. Don't get me wrong, I never come home from school except for Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, and Spring Break. It's not like I have a thing about being near home, I chose UConn two years ago because it fit me well and is one of the best bang for your buck finds out there. Plus in 60 degree weather or better, it is a lot of fun to be around campus. So you would think it wouldn't be that big of a deal, right? Maybe for the high bastards that go to school in Cali and already go 3000 miles away from home for college.

Even so, this is not the same as the west coast, just to state the obvious. It's a different world with a very different way of living. Speaking of California, did I mention Singapore punishes its inhabitants for being involved with drugs in any way (including consumption/dealing of marijuana) with the death penalty? I will talk more about what makes Singapore unique, next time...

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